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Update Mar 13th!

A few Tarot card pendants need a bit more time. Most Pink Week pre-orders items are completing and predicted to start shipping March/April ✧

Update Feb 27th!

Most Tarot card pendants are on their way to you! Some are still in progress. Pink Week pre-orders are well on their way as well so stay hyped✦

Happy Holidays!

Stay cozy and comfy while we work on your goodies. We wish you all a Happy Holiday and look forward to bringing you more magic next year!

Pink Week Pre-order!

Pink Week Pre-orders opened Nov 28 to Dec 03. Featuring new Genshin, anime inspired pieces, and some of our new pink week pieces.☆ The Vault is now locked and no new orders will be accepted. Please visit out FAQ for information on your pre-order.

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Please review our FAQ for any information regarding your pre-order or feel free to contact us through the contact page for additional information. Stay up to date on all Bisou-news through our socials✧

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