New Site!

Why is Bisoulovely doing Pre-orders on a separate site?

At Bisoulovely, we've done a number of pre-orders in the past. These pre-orders were done with the intention of bringing our lovely designs to all of you while maintaining balance with our inventory. We know a lot of you will grab your favourite designs the first minute of launch ♥ But that leave many late comers without a chance to experience our new pieces. By introducing pre-orders we help avoid the hustle and stress some of you may feel when a launch is coming and we're able to properly fund the right amount of pieces we need to make.

But why the new site? With the growing love for Bisou pieces we've noticed issues with organizing all the orders and inventory in conjunction with our regular in-stock pieces. We've tested different methods such as the secret shop and different approaches on the back-end of things. By separating pre-orders on to another site we hope to isolate them and handle things better. Looking to the future our goal by doing this is to reduce pre-order processing time, reduce errors, provide more variety, and lots more lovely projects ♥  


Bisoulovely Bisou Points

With the separation of a new site, at this time Bisou points from Bisoulovely will not obtainable from or transferable to Bisouvault. Extra Bisou points may still be obtain for sharing pics of your pieces on social media🖤

Bisoulovely points are not eligible for redemption on Bisouvault. For a limited time, if you've accumulated 1000 Bisou points, you may request to exchange them for a $100 gift card to Bisouvault. Please contact us on


Will the gift card work with other sales or discounts?

Yes, the gift card will be treated as a form of payment.